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My Journey

From an early age, I have been in love with music.

Early memories that are imprinted in my brain, I am sure many would relate to this:

A few weeks before our annual trip down to the coast for our family holiday, I would spend hours and hours in front of the radio, with a tape on pause, waiting for all the great songs to be played on the radio, and recording them.

Recording up to five tapes with all the favourite songs, and having endless sing-alongs in the car for the long road. Although I was very young, and could not stay awake for the whole trip, it was always an awesome moment when my parents would thank me for the great music.

Participating in school eisteddford, also which gave me great satisfaction and pleasure to entertain people.

When CD's made their appearance, things changed a bit. Now, instead of sitting weeks on end, recording songs from the radio, I would spend half the time burning CD's for the road trips.

This did not last long, because then MP3's made their appearance.

This is where things got interesting. Now I had to create playlists, with different genres of music. Because everybody in the car has grown up, and had vast different tastes in music.

My aim was always to keep everybody happy, and entertained.

I remember my very first gig, or should i rather say "gig".

I was about 13 years old, and my niece was getting married. I was asked to DJ at the wedding (a small wedding with just basically family, and few friends). This was in Warmbaths (Now Bela-Bela). I was super excited.

I prepared for days on end, sorting out all my CD's, making lists (written by hand, we weren't allowed to print at home), and getting everything ready.

I practiced each night with my 3-CD changer hi-fi. Although i did not have the faintest idea what mixing was, I played the one track from a CD, had an interlude, and then played the next track. It indeed gave me a great deal of satisfaction to see people enjoying themselves.

I then was asked a few years later to do various events, from birthday parties, to fashion shows.

Obviously I could not use my 3-CD changer hi-fi for this, and borrowed a sound system.

I just basically played music from my laptop, using the built-in media player. And the rest, like they say, is history.

I then decided that I would need to make a decision, and I decided that I am definitely going to put in more effort. I bought proper computer software, lighting, amplifiers, mixers, speakers you name it, I was going to make things work now!

A few gigs here and there, from weddings, to birthday parties and I am pleased that I made the decision to go all in.

Through the years I have upgraded some of my equipment, and added more additional hardware to make each gig one to remember...

What a journey this has been so far, and will only get bigger and better.